About Us

"We will constantly strive to fulfill these needs in a professional and timely manner at a competitive price."

Did we mention how HAPPY we are you are visiting our site? We understand that it is a competitive world out there and thats what makes our lives interesting. You have certain needs and we have certain talents. Skinny Lizard is a fully automatic screen printing shop. Printing shirts for some of the best bar/restaurants, schools, lawn care, plumbers, doctors, events, bands and any other types of businesses you can think of! I have carefully acquired a staff of fine, talented people working here who really give a hoot about this business, as do I. We strive on keeping up to date with the cutting edge graphics, the reasonable turn around time without loosing the great quality our customers have grown to expect. Make no mistake, we are learning everyday! This business is a vast arena of skills and techniques that must co-exist with the eye of a fine tuned artist. Definitely a balance between right brain and left brain. We will constantly strive to get you the best garments with the best printed design with the most reasonable price in the best time frame we can! So give us a call or drop us an E.

Nuttin’ but Lizard Love,
Chris Clark